Peter's bike

Peter looked forward to the day the bike would be his

            Peter really wanted a mountain bike. His Dad had decided it would be a good idea if he saved up for it.
            "You'll learn that things like that don't always come easily," he said, "and it will teach you to be careful with your money. I'll give you the first hundred pounds and you can arrange with the neighbours to do some jobs for them to earn the rest."
            So Peter decided to save up for the bike. He arranged with his neighbour, Mr.Smith, to wash his car every Saturday morning, and Mr.Smith paid him £2, and £5 if he cleaned out the inside as well.
            He offered to take out the dustbins for Mrs.Atkins, the old lady on the other side. Mrs.Atkins could only afford to give him 20p and Peter wondered whether it was really worth it. But Mrs.Atkins needed the help, so he decided to carry on, even though he wasn't earning very much.
            With these and other jobs, Peter worked hard and before long, he only needed another £10. In about 2 weeks time he would be able to go into the shop and buy the bike he had been waiting for. He knew exactly which model he wanted and had been looking at it every day as he passed the shop on his way home from school.
            One day, Peter was watching T.V, waiting for "Home and Away" to begin, and he saw on the News a report from Somalia, where people wer dying for lack of food. He knew that the charities were appealing for money to feed the victims of war and drought all over Africa.
            "I've got over £300, thought Peter. "Perhaps I could give some of it." He decided to give £10 and wait an extra 2 weeks for the bike. But something didn't seem quite right. It didn't seem right to give only £10 when he had so much and the people in Africa were starving.
            Peter asked his Dad what he should do. "Peter, it's your money, his Dad told him. "Whatever you decide, if you do what you think is right, God will be pleased with you. He cares for those people in Africa and your Mum and I have sent something to help them. But he also wants you to be happy and enjoy what you have worked for."
            Peter went away on his own and thought about it for a while. He decided he would wait a bit longer for his mountain bike. He would give £50 of the money he had saved for the bike to save the people in Africa from dying.
            The next day he came home from school and there waiting for him was the bike he had been saving for. Tied to the handlebars was a card and on it was written a verse from the Bible:
"God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you will always have enough for yourself and something to give away to those in need."
And Peter smiled, because he knew that that was true.