Georgina and the headmaster

what image did Georgina have of her head master?

It was break time, and Georgina was sitting outside the headmaster's study. Outside in the playground her friends were playing, but Georgina was sitting in the corridor feeling very funny inside. Her tummy felt as if it had all of a sudden disappeared and left an empty space instead and her heart was pounding so hard she could see her chest going in and out.
            Georgina was frightened. She didn't know why she was sitting there. All she knew was that on the day she first went to the school her mother had told her she must never, never do anything wrong, otherwise she would be sent to the headmaster.
            Next to the headmaster's door was a red light with a word on it which Georgina couldn't read. As she looked the light went off and a green one next to it came on instead. The door opened and a teacher came out and walked away along the corridor. Georgina looked up and there in the doorway stood the headmaster and he was looking at her.
            "Georgina," he said to her, "won't you come in?"
            Georgina felt her heart come up into her mouth. She wasn't quite sure how her legs managed to carry her the few steps through the door and into the room, but there she was. The headmaster turned round and looked at her. "Sit down, Georgina," he said.
            He was very tall with dark hair and very dark eyes. He had a pen in his hand and he was rolling it about in his fingers. Georgina looked up and found to her surprise that the headmaster was smiling at her.
            "Now, Georgina," said the headmaster, "Mrs. Ashcroft asked me to have a word with you. She tells me you seem to be having some problems with your work. Is that right?"
            "I don't know, sir," Georgina managed in a hoarse whisper.
            "Well, Mrs.Ashcroft says you don't seem to get very much done. Can you try and tell me why that is?"
            "Oh sir, I'm so frightened in case I get it wrong. Sometimes I just can't think."
            "Why are you frightened, Georgina?"
            "It's you, sir. My Mum said if I was bad, I'd have to see you."
            "Well, Georgina, now you have seen me. You're not frightened are you?"
            "I don't know, sir."
            Georgina didn't know. She had been frightened. But somehow, now that she was talking to the headmaster, sitting down in his room, Georgina wasn't frightened any more. He seemed - somehow - kind. You could tell he could be fierce if he wanted to. But he wasn't being fierce now.
            "Georgina, if you had done something wrong or foolish and Mrs.Ashcroft told you about it, I'm sure you would be sorry, wouldn't you?"
            "Oh, yes, sir."
            "And if you say sorry then as far as I am concerned that is the end of the matter. Now, can you think of any other reasons why you might be frightened?"
            "Oh no, sir."
            "Good. You can go, Georgina. But remember, we're friends now, you and me."