Word of Life Part 1: Contents


The Primeval History, Readings 1 - 6

Stories of our earliest history, exploring the relationship between God and humankind.

Stories of the Patriarchs, Readings 7 - 17

The origins of the people of Israel, in God's call to Abraham and his family.

The Exodus, Readings 18 - 23

God's decisive intervention to rescue his people from slavery in Egypt.

Israel at Sinai, Readings 24 - 30

Israel becomes God's 'covenant' people, through whom he will reveal himself to the world.

Israel in the Wilderness, Readings 31 - 42

God's care for israel in the wilderness, and their lack of faithfulness.

Mark's Gospel, Readings 43 - 51

Th earliest account of Jesus' life and ministry.

Israel's History from Joshua to Samuel, Readings 52 - 67

The conquest of the Promised Land and the stories of the judges.

Israel's History from Saul to Solomon, Readings 68-87

The history of the united monarchy, including Israel's greatest king, David.

The Wisdom Literature I, Readings 88 - 94

Israel's earliest wisdom writings, and the world's most beautiful love song.


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