Welcome to davidheywood.org. David Heywood was an Anglican vicar for 20 years, from 1986 until 2006, before becoming Director of Pastoral Studies at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. On this site you can find some of the work David has done over the course of his ministry. The site contains, among other things, an introductory course to the Old Testament, a series of daily readings covering the whole Bible, the full text of David's PhD thesis relating the psychology of learning to the Christian understanding of revelation, articles and stories for assemblies.

David's Books

David has written three exciting books. Divine Revelation and Human Learning (2004) is based on his PhD thesis and explores the way in which we understand and think about God. Reimagining Ministry (2011) emerged from his teaching course on ministry at Ripon College. The Church's understanding of ministry, and especially ordained ministry, is currently going through a time of transition. David makes a proposal for the future of Christian ministry. Both have been extremely well reviewed. Click on books for further details.

The most recent is a contribution to the SPCK Library of Ministry: Transforming Preaching The sermon as a channel for God's word (2013). David locates the purpose of preaching in God's call to Christians to be transformed into the image of Jesus. He looks at the sermon as a learning event in which congregations engage with God's word and are changed by it. The third chapter provides a step by step guide to the craft of setrmon preparation and a final chapter looks at the skills of interactive preaching. Click here for further details.

Old Testament

A course David first prepared for people training to be readers in the Diocese of Southwark. It requires only basic background knowledge but leads to a thorough understanding of how to read the Old Testament Scriptures. One student commented that the course was, "like pulling back the blinds in an ancient house. It felt like you led us from room to room and showed us how to explore for ourselves and how to investigate the hidden treasures further." To start learning about the Old Testament, click here.

Daily Bible Study

David's one-year Bible study course, Word of Life, takes you through the Bible in 365 daily readings and provides a brief but informative commentary on each passage. To go to Word of Life, click here.


David has published articles in the field of Christian education, ministerial training and other related subjects. Most of these are available here.


David has also written stories for school assemblies and family worship. This section includes some of the best.


David Heywood is Director of Pastoral Studies at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He was ordained as an Anglican Priest in 1986 and has worked in parish ministry for 20 years. He has published one book and several articles and contributed to training courses in three Dioceses. Click here for a fuller biography and links to other sites